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General context

Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline. It deals with the act of designing and executing structures that serve human life development. Since its foundation 1771, the Society of Civil Engineers has focused on several areas as geotechnical and environmental problems, soil improvement, construction materials development and innovation, aseismic technics, dynamic and nonlinear problems, bridges and highways, interactions, and aerodynamic, to mention but a few.
The Third International Civil Engineering Seminar of Bechar 2023 is a continuation of the two previous seminars held in 2013 and 2015 at Tahri Mohamed University of Bechar. This seminar offers the opportunity for researchers to exchange knowledge on civil engineering fields. Researchers all over the world are invited to consolidate all the results of scientific work developed in this field to confront the development needs of the human living environment in a secure and economic context.
During this seminar, we shall discuss current trends in civil and hydraulic engineering including new technologies, methods, theories, and practices in all branches of these disciplines by bringing together international researchers and experts. We have invited Keynote Speakers and planned several events to take place during the seminar, which we hope you will find interesting.
We are confident that you will enjoy the quality of the seminar as well as the landscape and touristic sites for which Bechar is famous. We will all be pleased to see you here for the 3rd SIGCB 2023 .

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The main axes

  • Structures
    Structural analysis, Design software, Earthquake engineering, Failure analysis, Structural dynamics and control, Structure-fluid-soil interaction, Multiscale analysis, Structural reliability and stability.
  • Geotechnics
    Rock Mechanics, Soil mechanics, Offshore geotechnics, Soil reinforcement, Ground improvement technologies, Geo-synthetics, Slope stability and tunneling, Geotechnics risk and modeling, Geotechnics of roads, Geotechnical alternative materials.
  • Materials and Environment
    Materials characterization, Innovative materials and bio-buildings, Protection and prevention of materials, Composite materials, Materials development, Microstructures, Material performance and durability, Pathologies, Hazardous waste management, Ecological and green materials, Chemical treatment, Waste recovery, Constructional management, Fire engineering, Comfort, Energetic efficiency.
  • Water source management
    Water resource management, Water desalination, Treatment and protection, Water sustainability, Water quality, Climate changes, Water security, Hydraulic construction.

Important dates to remember

  • Submission deadline : 30 June 2023   15 August 2023
  • Notifications of acceptance : 15 September 2023
  • Registration for the on-line mode : 30 September 2023
  • Seminar date : 15 October 2023


  • Regular: 15.000.00 DA
  • Student : 10.000.00 DA
  • On line : 5.000.00 DA
The registration fees cover: Attendance to all scientific sessions; entrance to the exhibition area; seminar materials; coffee breaks and lunches served during the seminar.

Instructions to authors
Presentation of the article
  • Papers must not exceed four pages following the template model.
  • All papers must be written in English, in word format
  • Similarities ratio must not exceed 30%
  • Presentations can be made in one of three languages (Arabic, English or French).
  • For the online mode, the presenting authors must use the Google Meet link sent to them prior to the Seminar date.

The 3rd SIGCB'23 is an event organized and sponsored by :